“Hi Derek, I really feel bad not doing this sooner but I just wanted to write you and let you know what a great job you guys do over there. I wrote Kevin an e-mail and included some pics thanking him for all his help as well but I really wanted to let you know what a great job he did with us during all our dealings there. I am quite certain it was you who looked after us on our first time in there and it’s obvious you both know how to look after people.

Our experience with Kevin has been absolutely first rate, a real pleasure [as it has been with you].His genuine smile and hearty handshake greeting everytime we come in there made us feel relaxed and confident during every chapter of this process/purchase. It was pleasantly suprising to deal with a salesperson who not only did what he said he was going to do but he also did things WHEN he said it would be done! He took the time to get to know us and really did anticipate ours needs[or wants].We had never been this close to a new home purchase and needed a lot of guidance. Kevin never left us waiting or wondering on anything house related and that was a big comfort because the rain filled summer gave us enough other concerns to sort through. All in all, this very large purchase [to us anyway],was a very comfortable experience and very much want the “powers that be” to know what a valuable front line you have up front with Kevin and yourself, Derek.

Keep up the good work as you have been and have a great and prosperous summer”

Jim and Carol Bouwman

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