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Can a ready-to-move home be moved to Ontario?

Our homes can be moved to Saskatchewan and within Manitoba but unfortunately not to Ontario. The Ontario Highways Department won’t issue permits for a full size ready-to-move home due to width restrictions. As an alternative we can offer a material package for a home, cottage or garage through the Olympic Building Centre.

Is it possible to include an attached garage to my home or cottage?

Yes, the garage would be built on-site after your RTM has been delivered. The garage will be designed with the home and be included in the engineered plans. Your contract can include the cost of the garage materials for financing purposes. Your garage may also qualify for our Build on Site program.

What is an RTM?

RTM stands for Ready to Move. This term refers to a house that is constructed at our site and moved to your site upon completion (not to be confused with a mobile home or modular house). Typically our RTM homes are fully finished (except paint) and once on the foundation, require very little to complete.

How does an RTM Home compare to a trailer home or a modular home?

Ready to Move Homes are superior to both trailer homes and modular homes.

Trailer homes are not meant for permanent foundations (basements or crawlspaces).   Of all the Olympic Homes we build, approximately 90% of our homes are placed on full basements.

Modular homes are built in 2 or more segments and are assembled once they reach your site.  Olympic Homes are built in one strong structural unit, and moved as a complete unit as well.

Olympic Ready to Move Homes are built with pride by skilled tradespeople, not hourly labourers.

Why should I choose Olympic to be my RTM homebuilder?

At Olympic, we do everything we can to gain your confidence by treating you honestly and fairly. We aim to eliminate all the surprises we can and to share as much knowledge with our customers as possible. We work with sub-trades that have a long track record in the industry and we use brand name, quality materials in the construction of your home, some of which we manufacture ourselves!

Our RTM division employees have over 60 years of combined industry experience. From estimating to design to framing to renovation work, we’ve done it all and we know RTMs best.

What are the advantages of buying a Ready-To-Move Home (RTM) as opposed to building a house on site?

  • Convenience – If you decide to buy an Olympic RTM Home, you will have one contact for every question or concern, eliminating the need to speak to the plumber, painter, framer, finish carpenter, etc.
  • Cost Control – Because we build your Ready to Move Home in a controlled environment, we do not experience job site theft, material delivery delays or travel time costs.  This helps keep the cost of your RTM and total  project down.
  • Time-Saving – Building a home with Olympic Homes saves you time. Your foundation contractor can start on your foundation while we build your home. Typical on-site builds can take anywhere from 9 – 12 months. If all of your post-move work is well co-ordinated, you should be in your new RTM in 5-6 months from the first time you sit down with the draftsperson!
  • No Surprises – The controlled environment in which we build your RTM allows us to accurately predict what the projects costs are going to be.  We won’t surprise you with extra charges.
  • Quality Control – We have a dedicated site supervisor that oversees the construction of all our RTMs.  He does not spend his time driving from site to site, across the province.  He spends his days on our yard, ensuring the quality that goes into your home is what you’d expect.  The tradesmen we use are extremely proud of the quality work they produce and it shows.

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I want to build a cottage, can you build it as an RTM?

We certainly can. More and more people are finding great value in having their vacation homes built as RTMs.  Finding qualified and reputable builders and contractors, who have the time to take on your project, is becoming more and more difficult in today’s housing market, especially when your site is in cottage country. As long as your site is suitable for the move, an Olympic RTM home is a great option.

Will you build me a custom home or do I need to choose from your plans?

We have 20 or so standard plans you can choose from or we can design a custom tailored plan that will accommodate your needs. We have an in-house drafting team that can help you with your design needs.  Our standard plans may also be modified.

Will the walls crack during the move?

Every RTM home will experience some minor cracks in the drywall during the move.  These cracks are cosmetic and do not affect the structural integrity of your new home.

If your home is located within our serviceable area (120 kms of our location) we will provide a service repair to repair the minor cracks/adjustments that may occur. If you’re outside of this serviceable area, please consult one of our Housing Consultants for more information.

Who builds my foundation?

We leave the choice of foundation contractors up to you.  We will provide you with an engineer stamped foundation plan.

What do I need to do once my RTM home is on the foundation?

  • Install the electrical service and the electrical panel.
  • Install the heating system.
  • Finish the plumbing system below joist level.
  • Install the septic and water services.
  • Install basement stairs and exterior stairs.
  • Control your humidity levels.

What type of warranty do you offer?

We are a member of the National Home Warranty Program (NHWP).

Olympic and the NHWP provide you with a 5 year structural warranty. The products  we use in your home also come with their own manufacturers warranties, for example, 20 years on windows.  We are the ONLY RTM Home Builder in the industry that provides a post move service allowance.

Are the houses inspected as they are being built?

Yes.  Manitoba Hydro inspects the wiring and the National Home Warranty Program inspects the structure (framing), plumbing, insulation and vapour barrier. Our on-site construction supervisor conducts inspections on a daily basis as well.

I would like to add a deck or sunroom to my home, can this be done?

Yes. Depending on the size and location of the deck or sunroom, it is possible to build it together with the house. If it is not possible to build the structure on our site, we can certainly provide you with the materials and know-how to build it yourself or you can hire a local contractor to build it for you.

I’d like to finish the interior of the house myself, is this possible?

Sure.  We’re willing to finish your home to whichever level of completion suits you best.

What happens if the RTM falls off the truck or is damaged during the move?

The movers we contract, Reimer Building Movers, are the best in the business and are fully insured. Should something happen to  your home the mover’s insurance will make things right. We’ve yet to have an RTM incur serious damage during the moving process.

How much does an RTM cost per square foot?

We do not use square foot numbers to price our RTMs. Each and every house is priced individually and accurately and our estimate comes with a detailed specification list.  Our sales staff can give you a budget number based on square foot price, but in order  to provide you with the best price possible, and eliminate surprises, we prefer to do a full estimate on each house.  We can give you approximate pricing on preliminary drawings but we will not guarantee pricing unless we have a full set of drawings to work with.

Is it expensive to move an RTM home?

Most moves within Manitoba cost somewhere between $12,000 – $14,000 but if you compare building on-site, or purchasing closer to home, you will find that you’ll save money, even considering the cost of the move. Our process is much more controlled than a site build and material ‘shrinkage’ and crews traveling are not an issue inside our compound.  Furthermore, reasonable labour costs in Manitoba ensure that having your home built by Olympic Homes will save you money!  Call or fill out the contact us form to find out more.

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Can I choose what products go into my home?

Absolutely.  You are able to customize your flooring, cabinetry and light fixture packages. This means you get to personalize how your home is finished. We can also work with you on exterior finishes. If you’re looking for a particular finish, let us know!

Are you a CSA or QAI Certified Home Builder?

Our homes are built to exacting standards of CSA A277 and we are certified by QAI (Quality Assurance International). In addition, we go above and beyond with additional inspections to ensure our homes meet or exceed industry standards. We inspect and document each home vigorously. We are also subject to random inspections by QAI to ensure standards are always met.