Olympic Homes is proud to work with the best building movers in the business – Reimer Building Movers. Employing the latest technology and equipment, Reimer Building Movers (RBM) is backed by almost 60 years of industry experience. They ensure that your home is fully insured and well taken care of, from the time they leave our yard until it’s placed on your foundation!

How does the process work?

It’s actually quite simple. Your Olympic Coach will help you obtain a quote to move your home from our site to yours. Once you’ve ok’d the quote, the rest is taken care of. We’ll coordinate the move schedule for you, and RBM will take care of the rest.

Did you know that other RTM companies rely on you to make all of these arrangements on your own?

What am I responsible for?

You’ll have to approve the movers quote, pay RBM when your home is on the foundation, and fasten the home to the foundation. That’s it! (Hint: make sure your house insurance is active the day of the move!)

How long does the move take?

Most moves can be completed in one day. Your home will leave the Olympic Homes yard between 3:30-4AM. It’ll be outside of city limits by 6AM, and in most cases, on your foundation around supper time that same day. It’s a quick process!

If you’d like more information, please make an appointment with an Olympic Coach today! Also, please check out Reimer Building Movers’ website at reimermovers.com.